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Debt restructuring despite credit bureau

Credit bureau is the most common reason for rejecting loan applications in Germany. Because if this is negative, the banks and savings banks do not see sufficient creditworthiness and therefore no reason for the granting of a loan. It is completely irrelevant for what reason the credit bureau is negative and whether this reason has already been eliminated or can be eliminated quickly.

If credit bureau is negative when asked, this will also have a negative impact on the application for the loan. For this reason, it is in your own interest to query your own credit bureau before taking out a loan and see how it is doing. If everything is good, hardly anything will go wrong with borrowing. However, if the credit bureau weakens, then you should make sure that you correct the weaknesses before the admission to increase the chances of a loan.

Debt restructuring as a special situation

Debt restructuring as a special situation

Debt rescheduling is a very special situation when borrowing. Therefore, bad credit is even worse here than with conventional borrowing. A debt restructuring despite credit bureau is only possible if you take a few things into account and adjust them in such a way that the bank learns nothing of the negative credit bureau. This would be possible, among other things, if the debt restructuring is carried out with a guarantor despite credit bureau.

This is necessary if you are looking for a new bank for debt restructuring and do not stick with the one that provides the current loan. In addition, the guarantor must be able to be named if the debt restructuring is to be carried out despite credit bureau, because a lot of debts have accumulated over time and can only be managed if they are combined in a loan.

Debt restructuring without a guarantor

Debt restructuring without a guarantor

Without a guarantor, debt restructuring could always work despite credit bureau if a loan already exists and you can simply continue to use this offer. A debt rescheduling does not mean that you have to change banks or that the old offer is so bad that it can no longer be used. Rather, debt restructuring is offered at regular intervals to give the customer the opportunity to probe new offers and possibly use them for themselves. However, you would only ever access it if you really improved. The negative credit bureau would most likely not improve, so you are well advised if you simply continue the old offer and do not change providers.


Calculate Loan Interest with a Bank Calculator

Do you need additional funds but are afraid of an online and sometimes burdensome online loan interest? There are a number of landlord loan applications that are sloppy in stating the loan lending.

Worse, there are illegal online lending applications (not registered with OJKs) that do not provide loan lending transparency.

Apps like these are what make people afraid to take advantage of online loans from Good Finance.

Fortunately, on Good Credit, you can calculate the interest rate, find out the due date, and the total amount of future payments.

Take advantage of the following Good Credit loan interest calculator


Select an existing loan product to find the interest. Available products: $ 600 (14-day tenor) and $ 1,200 (14-day tenor) . Only for the $ 2,300,000 loan product, You need to download the Good Credit app on the Play Store

You will find information about:

  • Service charge: a deduction of the service charge that is payable each time you apply for a loan
  • Net disbursement: the money to be credited to your account
  • Payment total: the total bill you must pay
  • Due: billing date

Once you find out your billing information, you can also apply directly through this platform!

But why is it important to know the loan interest before applying for a Good Credit:

So that the interest rate on the loan is not burdensome

So that the interest rate on the loan is not burdensome

Good Credit online loans offer a wide range of loan products. From the lowest of $ 600 to $ 2,300. It is often the case that when you reach a high loan limit, you are tempted to lend a favor with the biggest product.

By calculating loan interest rates, you can better understand how much your basic loan plus interest rates and the service fees you have to pay.

So the loan you are going to apply will be in line with your needs and abilities.

In order to prepare the refund

One of the benefits of knowing the interest and loan tenor before applying is predicting the ability to pay in a timely manner.

The length of tenor on each loan product can make you a prepayment for payment. You can also use the following information to determine when it is best to apply for a loan.

Typically, a strategy that many borrowers use is to lend by repayment due after the loan day.

This way, the availability of funds to pay off your loan bill is guaranteed!

So it’s not too late to pay the bills

Payment information can also be used as a reminder to pay your bills so you don’t have to be late.

You don’t want to be late paying the bills, because …

  1. You will be fined late
  2. Your credit history is bad. So the next loan approval rate will decrease.
  3. Activity will be interrupted as CS will continue to remind you to pay the bill.

Let’s calculate your loan interest with the Good Credit calculator so that your loan funds are well-targeted and not burdensome!