SEU Students Won Highest Award in "Smart Green Cities" Special Race, 14th National Challenge Cup

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Sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, China Association for Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, the National Student Association and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and co-sponsored by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Guangdong University of Technology, the 14th “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Curricular Academic Science and Technology Work Competition had its final competition during July 26th and 28th. Students from different universities had a fierce competition with each other. Among them, a group of students from SEU(its members were Guo Jianzhu, Zhao Jiaman, Qi Cong, Xiong Jie and Zheng Si) won the highest award——   “Outstanding Award Within the Territory of China”(only three in China) and “Outstanding Award for Domestic and Overseas Groups ”(only one in China)with their project “Identification and Distribution System of Urban Traffic Operation State Based on Public Transport Satellite Positioning Data”.

SEU is the only university out of Beijing and Shanghai who had won the award. What’s more, it won the cup not only once but three times. The reason is that over the years the university had used emulations exemplified by “Challenge Cup” to perfect valid modes, incentive methods and standing mechanisms for the cultivation of top-notch, innovative talents.

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