March 15th, 2016 Lecture: History of “horizontal, left-falling, vertical and right-falling strokes”: Interesting Chinese Characters

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When: 18:30, March 15th, (Tuesday)

Where: J3-105 Jiulonghu Campus

Speaker: Zhang Yiqing (associate professor in Chinese academy of Social Sciences; head of the Teaching and Research Section in Institute of RPPLIED Linguistic Ministry of Education)

About the Lecture:

Professor Zhang is a famous language and literature expert who has contributed himself to the research and popularization of Chinese Characters and Traditional Chinese Culture. He used to give series speeches in Lecture Room organized by CCTV and was the distinguished guest for Chinese Character Dictation Conference.

During the speech, Professor Zhang will inform the audiences of the basic methods and regulations of word-formation based on the illustration of the evolution of Chinese characters. The purpose of the lecture is to use Chinese Characters as a cutting point and introduce Chinese history and traditional culture so that the students can have better understanding of the cultural connotations about Chinese Characters. 

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