March 16th, 2016 Lecture: Entrepreneurship, Starting From SEU

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When: 18:30, March 16th , (Wednesday)

Where: J3-105 Jiulonghu Campus

Speaker: Sha Min(Outstanding Alumni of SEU, chairman of NJ Sample Technology Group Co., Ltd.)

About the Lecture:

NJ Sample Technology Group Co.,Ltd set up by Mr. Sha is the first high and new tech enterprise which works under private joint-stock cooperative system in Nanjing. At present, it has become one of the powerhouses in fields such as intelligent transportation and modern logistics.

Mr. Sha has been concerning about SEU students’ innovative undertaking. He frequently comes to SEU to give entrepreneur education for students and has set “Sample Research Grants & Scholarship” in SEU. This time Mr. Sha will encourage students to take part in entrepreneurial practice from the perspective of his own fruitful experiences. 

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