(NEW2016)Master’s Program of One-Belt-One-Road Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (MOSI)

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(YES-CHINA) Master’s Program of One-Belt-One-Road Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (MOSI) of Southeast University (SEU)

Brief Introduction

Established by MOE of China in 2014, the Project of Youth of Excellence Scheme of China is a significant measure to enhance the education of high-level talents and to strengthen the training of outstanding youth in the developing countries neighboring China. In January of 2016, Southeast University is approved to join this project with the Master’s Program of One-Belt-One-Road Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (MOSI)

Southeast University (SEU), a national key university administered directly under the Central Government and the Ministry of Education of China, is one of the eight prestigious universities with the faculty of architecture It is also one of the universities of Project 211 and Program 985, which are financed by the Central Government to build as a world-class university. The first-level disciplines related to infrastructure construction, including civil engineering, architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, communication and transportation, are all ranked top three among all Chinese universities. SEU boasts of outstanding faculties and scientific research strength.

In the year of 2015, more than 1800 international students from 105 countries are studying at SEU. Among them over 1300 are degree students taking up 72% of all international students; nearly 500 are studying the postgraduate programs, covering the percentage of 38.5 among the degree international students.

English-taught MOSI is designed for senior civil servants of countries along “One Belt One Road”, especially the senior officials in Ministry of Communications, Construction and Business, senior managers of related organizations and enterprises, and technical experts of universities and scientific research institutions. The program aims to train regional construction policy makers and executors with global strategy and the idea of sustainable development, as well as cultivate senior managers and high-tech talents of modern infrastructure construction.

In order to realize the educational objectives of the program, besides our outstanding faculties of School of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Transportation and Economics & Management, SEU will also invite experts and scholars from Cambridge University, Monash University, Carnegie Mellon University, China Overseas Holdings Limited, China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group to give lectures.

This program consisting of one-year full-time study and one-year internship in the home country, includes the modules of courses, lectures, study tours, internships, etc. After obtaining all the regulated credits and finishing the master’s thesis, the student will be awarded Master Degree in Engineering (in the field of Architecture and Civil Engineering).

1.Program Duration

It’s a 1+1 master’s program, with the first year of full-time study and thesis preparation in SEU and the second year of thesis writing in the home country.

2.Admission Size, Important Dates and Teaching Language

lIt’s a master’s program with the maximum number of 30;

lSep. 2016 – Jul. 2017: full-time learning and thesis preparation at SEU;

lAug. 2017 – Jul. 2018: complete the thesis writing based on one’s work experience in the home country and fulfill the thesis defense at SEU;

lTeaching Language: English


lWaiver of the fees of register, tuition, teaching materials, tour study and social investigation;

lFree university dormitory

lLiving stipend of 96000RMB per person;

lCost of one-time settlement of 3000RMB per person

lInsurance Fee of 800RMB per person;

lFinancing round-trip tickets for two times.the most economic seat in the most economic airlines

4.Application Qualification

The applicant should be a senior civil servant, a senior manager of related organizations or enterprises, or a scholar of universities or scientific research institutions in the countries along “One Belt One Road”.

The applicant should meet all of the following requirement:

lBachelor degree holder

lAt least three years’ work experience in the related fields; the applicant with an education or work experience in the related field will be given priority

lGood English communication skills

lA promising talent in the career development with an intent to enhance the friendly relationship between China and one’s home country;

lLess than 45 years old.

5.Required Application Document

lCopy of passport

lPhysical Examination Report

lDegree certificate


lTwo recommendation letters

lEmployment verification;

lResearch plan

lEnglish proficiency certificate;

lAppliation Form for SEU International Students(To be downloaded at http://cis.seu.edu.cn/_s48/16/76/c14041a136822/page.psp)

lYES-Scholarship Application Form (Download the form at http://www.studyinchina.edu.cn/static/zyjxj/index_en.jsp, fill the form on computer, print and sign it, stick a recent 2-inch photo on the form; hand-written form is invalid);


lAddress Form (Download the form at http://cis.seu.edu.cn/1e/df/c13967a138975/page.htm, fill the form on computer, and print it; hand-written form is invalid)

NoteAll application materials are not retrievable.

6.Application Procedure and Deadlines

lThe applicant should submit the application to Chinese Embassy in his/her home country or to College of International Students, SEU before April 10, 2016.

lThree copies of the above required application materials should be mailed to SEU before April 10, 2016.


Admission Office, College of International Students, Southeast University

Add.: No.90 Chengxian Street, Xuanwu District, Nanjing210096, Jiangsu Province, China
admission@seu.edu.cn or xujian@seu.edu.cn

Websitewww.seu.edu.cn or http://cis.seu.edu.cn.

7.  Courses and Credits
The program consists of the Compulsory Courses Module, Selective Courses Module, Language Module, Internship & Thesis Writing Module. The professors of SEU and the scholars and experts of her partners will be responsible for different modules.

The minimum credits requirement for graduation is 35 academic credits. The content of the MOSI program is followed:

 (1) Compulsory Courses24 credits

lSustainability   Assessment Theory and Method


lData Management


lAdvanced Civil   Engineering Materials and Renewable Power


lClimate Change   Science and Adaptation


lInfrastructure   Projects Investment Planning and Pricing


lSustainability   Assessment of Large Infrastructure Projects


lSustainable   Architecture Design


lResilient   Infrastructure and Water Sensitive Urban Design


lDisaster Prevention   and Emergency Management


lProject Management


lAcademic Seminars On   Technology and Management


(2) Selective Coursesno less than 6 credits

lChina Open Economy


lRenewable Energy   Technology


lWater and Wastewater   System Planning and Management


lThe Chinese Arts   History


lTraffic Control and   Management


lThe Principle and   Method of Project Economic Analysis


lMarketing and the   International Consumers


lPrinciples of Urban   Planning


lPublic   Transportation System


lManagement of Energy   and Environment


lChina Survey


(3)Language CourseCompulsory, 2 credits

 Elementary Chinese

(4)Internship and Thesis WritingCompulsory,3 credits

lEngineering   Internship


lGraduation thesis   writing


More Information:http://cis.seu.edu.cn/36/b3/c14469a145075/page.htm

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