May 9th, 2016 Lecture: Health and longevity

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When:18:30 May 9th (Monday)


Where: J3-105, Jiulonghu Campus  


Theme of the Lecture:Traditional Chinese Medicine and Longevity


About the Speaker:

Wang Xudong (National-tour-expert of Chinese Medicine, professor of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)


About the Lecture:

Professor Wang is a prestigious popularizer of Chinese Medicine, as well as a leading figure in Chinese music therapy, Chinese medicine rehabilitation and Chinese medical literature fields of China. The theory of six elements, which was first proposed by Professor Wang, has a wide influence on the field of traditional Chinese Medicine. Professor Wang Xudong has been invited to visit to the United States, Australia, Germany and other countries and regions to do lectures about TCM preservation and rehabilitation. Welcomed by scholars and the public, Professor Wang is known as the ambassador of Chinese Medicine. During the lecture, Professor Wang will explain longevity from the perspective of traditional Chinese Medicine.


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