Speech by Distinguished Jin Calligrapher Ms. Qiu Zongkang: Inheritance and Innovation of Calligraphy Art

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When: 18:30, April 11th (Wednesday)


Where: J3-105


Theme: Jin Calligraphy—Inheritance and Innovation of Calligraphy Art


Speaker: Qiu Zongkang(distinguished Jin calligrapher, vice chairman of Shanxi Calligrapher’s Association)


Recommend Reason: Ms. Qiu Zongkang is a distinguished calligrapher. She once wrote Jin calligraphy for Shanghai World Expo, Taipei Int'l Flora Expo and Xi’an World Horticultural Expo. She is the first person to decorate the three expositions by seal characters. Ms. Qiu will reveal the extensiveness and profoundness of Chinese culture through calligraphy to inspire students and broaden their horizon.

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