High-end Forum on “Smart Internet of Things and Intelligent Computing” Was Convened at Southeast University

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From April 20 to 21, the high-end forum of the Special Committee of Internet of Things (IoT), China Computer Federation (CCF): 2019 Smart Internet of Things and Intelligent Computing was convened in Nanjing. This forum was hosted by China Computer Federation, undertaken by the School of Computer Science and Engineering of Southeast University, and supported by the Special Committee of Internet of Things, China Computer Federation, ACM Nanjing Branch and the Special Committee of Cloud Computing, Jiangsu Computer Society. Many universities including Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong and Peking University, etc., experts and scholars from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Eleme (Alibaba) attended the conference and delivered keynote speeches. Nearly 200 people including experts, teachers and students from various colleges, universities and research institutes in the field of IoT all over the country participated in this forum.

At the meeting, Professor Ma Huadong, Deputy Director of the Special Committee of IoT, and Professor He Tian from the School of Computer Science and Engineering of Southeast University delivered speeches in succession and expressed their warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the experts and scholars.

In the forum, Professor Zhang Daqing, Director of Intellisense and Smart Home Laboratory of Peking University and National Distinguished Expert, delivered a report titled “the Fresnel Zone Perception Model tells you: why are most Wi-Fi non-contact behavioral awareness system not working stably?”; Professor Ren Kui, Director of the Center for Cyberspace Security Research of Zhejiang University and National Special Expert, delivered a report titled “Innovation in IoT security: From Continuous Biometrics to Trustworthy Manufacturing; Professor Liu Yunhuai, Researcher of Peking University, the winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund and Vice Chairman of ACM Chinese Council, delivered a report titled “the Smart City Traffic Based on Individual Precision Movement Models of Cross-Domain Data”; Professor John CS Lui from Chinese University of Hong Kong delivered a report titled “An Online Learning Multi-path Selection Framework for Multi-path Transmission Protocols”; Professor Wang Xinbing, Deputy Dean of the School of Telecommunications, Shanghai Jiaotong University and the winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund, delivered a report titled “Design and Implementation of Academic Maps”; Professor Jia Xiaohua, Dean of the Department of Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong and the Yangtze River Scholar delivered a report titled “A Secure and Verifiable P2P Storage System with Encrypted Search Using Blockchain”; Professor Chen Xiaojiang, Deputy Dean of the School of Information Science and Technology, Northwestern University, delivered a report titled “Passive Perception: From Dream to Reality”; Dr. Zhang Hao, Technical Vice President of Eleme (Ali Baba), delivered a report titled “Everything 30 minutes”.

In the questioning session, participants interacted and discussed with the speech experts regarding some technical issues and application issues as mentioned in the reports.

During the conference, a forum themed “When the IoT Met with Artificial Intelligence” was also convened, discussing the connection between the Internet of Things and the highly popular artificial intelligence technology. The experts focused on the discussion on five topics, specifically speaking, “in what form IoT will be represented in combination with artificial intelligence?”, “what are the key points in the course of intelligentization of IoT”, the “misunderstanding in the crossing-field of IoT and artificial intelligence”, “what kind of changes will the new perception bring to the smart IoT”, and the “IoT security under the wave of artificial intelligence”, etc. 

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