Southeast University Celebrated Her 114th Anniversary

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On the morning of June 6th, 2016, Southeast University, founded in 1902 as Sanjiang Normal School, celebrated her 114th anniversary. Professor Yi Hong, Chairman of the Southeast University CPC Standing Committee, was the host of the celebration conference. Attendants at the conference included: Zhang Guangjun, President of SEU and other school leaders, Distinguished Alumni Representatives, chairman of Nanjing Sciyon Automation Group, Liu Guoyao and his spouse, as well as more zhan a thousand staff and students of SEU.

Yi Hong expressed sincere gratitudes for the support of government leaders, friends from all walks of life and alumni from home and abroad, and extended his greetings to all the teachers and students.    

Zhang Guangjun addressed the conference with the report named Along With Your Company, Create the Brilliant Future. In the report, he reviewed the 114 years of history of SEU. And stated that in the history of more than a century, the university has taken its responsibility to develop education and rejuvenate te nation since its foundation, The past year has witnessed the fruitful ending of the 12th Five -Year Plan and the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan, in which various tasks including talents cultivation, technical innovation, disciplinary development and international cooperation have all been improved rapidly. All these achievements have laid foundation for the construction of world-class university and world-class disciplines.  

How does one build a world-class university with Chinese characteristics for the future? Zhang Guangjun pointed out that in the process of building a world-class university, universities must cultivate the most excellent students, firmly stick to the fundamental task of “establishing morality and cultivating talents”, universities must gather the most outstanding talents to form top-rank faculty teams; universities must create an eternal homeland of alumni, and recognize that the alumni’s contribution to the country and society is a significant indicator for a world-class university; establish a modern university system to construct a world-class structure of management; and in the process, must hold fast to the spirits and missions of SEU to better understand her position. Making great efforts to build a world-class university is precisely the new interpretation, new mission and new journey of “strengthening the nation by establishing education”. Zhang called upon all the faculty and students to make arduous efforts to realize the goal of “SEU Dream” and the “Chinese dream” of rejuvenation. Write a new chapter with glory. Create a new brilliance for SEU


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