The Research Group Leading by Prof. Zhang Yuanjian from SEU Made a Significant Research Progress in Electrochemiluminescent Biosensing Driven by Competitive Multiple Mechanisms

By 吴婵Viewed 722 2018-03-14

      Recently, the research group leading by Prof. Zhang Yuanjian from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Southeast University and Jiangsu Engineering Laboratory of Carbon-rich Material Devices made a significant research progress in electrochemiluminescent
biosensing driven by competitive multiple mechanisms. The research results were recently published in the international top journal--Journal of the American Chemical Society. The first author of the article is SEU doctoral student Lv Yanqin. The corresponding author is Prof. Zhang Yuanjian.

Natural selection over billions of years has developed highly effective in vivo signal transduction that is often governed by a series of competitive multiple mechanisms. Several artificial signal transduction pathways have inspired numerous biosensing systems, but most of these are driven by a single mechanism. Herein we describe a multiple-mechanism-driven electrochemiluminescent (ECL) biosensor that utilizes competitive catalytic and steric hindrance effects by assembling hemin/G-quadruplex on carbon nitride nanosheets. Taking the detection of 8-hydroxy-2′-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) as example, the dynamic ranges of the detectable concentrations from the different mechanisms were integrated into a single sensor interface. Moreover, the detection sensitivity was more precisely controlled by the competition between the two mechanisms and inherently boosted compared with that of single-mechanism-driven detection. Going beyond the conventional single-mechanism-driven biosensing, the elaborate biomimetic coupling of multiple mechanisms in a single interface may open a new approach for future multiplexed biosensing.

Recently, in consideration of the international influence of the research group leading by Prof. Zhang Yuanjian in the field of structure adjustment and biosensing application of carbon nitride, the team was invited by to write a review paper on Chemical Society Reviews titled “Molecular Engineering of Polymeric Carbon Nitride: Advancing Applications from Photocatalysis to Biosensing and More”. The first and second author of the paper is SEU doctoral student Zhou Zhixin and Zhang Yuye. The corresponding author is Prof. Zhang Yuanjian.

The research works above were supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Young Overseas High-level talents Introduction Plan of the Organization Department, the team of the high-level innovation and entrepreneurship talents introduction plan of Jiangsu province, and department of science and technology of Jiangsu province, etc..

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