The Team under the Leadership of Zhang Hong from Southeast University Won Excellent Results in Solar Decathlon China

By 吴婵Viewed 396 2018-08-27


 In recent days, the 2nd Solar Decathlon China came to the curtain at Dezhou, Shandong Province. 19 teams from 44 universities of 22 countries were engaged in this competition. The team united by Southeast University and TU Braunschweig under the leadership of Professor Zhang Hong won excellent results of the third prize both in architecture and the final grade.      

    The Solar Decathlon China was initiated by Sino-US Ministry of Energy in 2011. It aims at closely integrating solar energy, energy conservation and architectural design in a new manner with the help of the world's top R&D and design team's technology and creativity so as to design, build and operate a comfortable and livable residence powered by solar energy highlighting full functions and sustainability.

It has never been an easy job to complete a two-storey house deliverable within only 20 days, no less to say that all energy is supplied by solar energy. The Southeast University-TU Braunschweig team under the leadership of Professor Zhang Hong and Professor Fisch has launched the close cooperation since 2015. They have carried out extensive explorations on houses powered by solar energy, especially in-depth studies on the architectural form, house structure and energy system. Besides, the team has also cooperated with the School of Energy and Environment and the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering to work out a large number of innovative scientific research achievements. Among others, the rapid construction technology, the core tube system and BIM intelligent construction system can guarantee the construction completion in a safe, rapid and high-quality manner. In addition, these technologies, as the innovations, have also attracted many universities, media and the masses to exchange opinions and visit.

The competition has also been highly valued by leaders of the Provincial Department of Housing and Construction and Southeast University. The delegation led by Mr. Gu Xiaoping, Secretary of the Provincial Department of Housing and Construction and Vice President Huang Dawei of Southeast University visited the construction site for guidance and exchanges while cheering for the students. Vice President Huang Dawei and Mr. Han Dongqing, Dean of the School of Architecture also attended the completion and delivery ceremony of the house powered by solar energy, and they cut the ribbon together with the students.

In this competition, the sound combination of architectural design and construction has greatly motivated the students’subjective initiatives, deepened their understanding and comprehensions of architecture and improved their comprehensive quality. 

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