Professor Chen Shihua from the School of Physics, Southeast University Published A Research Paper on Physical Review Letters

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On September 6, a research paper titled “Peregrine Solitons Beyond the Threefold Limit and Their Two-Soliton Interactions, composed by Professor Chen Shihua from School of Physics, Southeast University was published on the top journal of Physics——Physical Review Letters. Southeast University was the first unit with Professor Chen Shihua as the 1st author and corresponding author, Dr. Ye Yanlin as the 2ndauthor and Professor Fabio Baronio from Italy Brescia University as the co-corresponding author. Besides, the co-operators still included Professor Jose M. Soto-Crespo from Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and professor Philippe Grelu from Bourgogne Franche-Comté University in France.

The Rogue waves event refers to a type of transient ocean wave characterized by high amplitude, large destructive power and unpredictability. As the deep-sea monster, it has been always known in folklore as a mystery until its existence and frequent occurrence were finally confirmed by scientists in the latest half a century. Especially in the past 10 years, the Rogue waves phenomena have been observed in experiments such as fluid dynamics, nonlinear optics, plasma physics, Bose–Einstein condensate and acoustics. Not only in physics, the extreme events of rogue waves are also available in our daily lives from time to time, such as financial turmoil, stock market crashes, earthquakes and heart attacks, etc.. People usually described these unpredictable extreme events as black swan or grey rhinoceros, etc..

As a prototype of rogue waves, the Peregrine soliton has attracted a wide range of research interests and its original theoretical and experimental research achievements have been published on top journals such as Nature, Nature Physics, PRL and PRX, etc.. In this work, the author firstly reported a class of anomalous Peregrine solitons (the peak amplitude can exceed the background height by above three times) by means of analytical derivation, analysed its generation mechanism in depth, demonstrated its numerical stability and numerical excitation in the noise background. This work would be conducive to explain the super rogue waves of complex multi-component and nonlinear system.

Besides, in 2017, Professor Chen Shihua was invited to issue a topical review titled “Versatile rogue waves in scalar, vector and multidimensional nonlinear systems” by Journal of Physics A, a IPO professional periodical.

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