【Xinhua News】Chinese medical experts share anti-virus experience with foreign counterparts

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Chinese medical experts held a video conference call with their foreign counterparts on Wednesday, sharing with them China's experience in combating the coronavirus outbreak.

The Chinese experts all came from Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University, which is located in eastern Chinese city of Nanjing. Some of them are currently working in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak.

Their foreign counterparts came from 32 medical institutions in seven countries, namely Spain, Greece, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Britain and the United States.

We underwent a tough time over the past two months in Wuhan, Qiu Haibo, vice director of Zhongda, said from Wuhan. Fortunately, the situation here is getting better, and more and more patients have been discharged.

We would like offer our help to you by sharing Chinese experience in combating the virus, Qiu, who is also a member of the expert team of the National Health Commission, told his foreign counterparts.

During the conference call, foreigner experts inquired about a wide range of issues concerning the outbreak, including the optimal plan for screening patients, methods of preventing infections of medics and the criteria for discharging patients.

We hope China's experience over the past two months can help foreign countries avoid the pitfalls in their fight against the outbreak, said Yang Yi, an intensive care expert.

Source: Xinhua News


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