Notice of SEU Working Team for COVID-19 Prevention & Control and Emergency Disposal (No. 4)

By 吴婵Viewed 198 2020-03-23

All units of the school concerned:

At present, as the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly overseas, the risk of cross-border dissemination of the epidemic is increasing. In order to respond to risks in a timely and effective manner, the announcement on well preventing imported epidemic cases is made as follows:

1. The units concerned have to concern the teachers and students who are currently staying outside the country (overseas), contact them initiatively for kindly concerns and provide necessary assistances.

2. For the teachers and students who are currently staying outside the country (overseas), please strengthen your self-protection and reduce mobility in consideration of your own safety and health, study, work and live as much as possible in the local area, cooperate with the schools and units concerned to report your geographical location, physical health and travel information, etc..

3. For the Chinese teachers and studentswho are staying outside the country (overseas) when their government-sponsored academic visit or exchange expiresor due to private reasons, if they indeed have to return to the school, they should report to the unit concerned for backup; for the teachers and students whose government-sponsored academic visit or exchange has not yet expired, they should not return to school in principle. If they indeed have to return to school because of special circumstances, their return has to be approved by the units and the school concerned and they should do well in epidemic prevention according to relevant provisions.

4. The foreign teachers and students who are still staying outside the country (overseas) should not return to China or the school before they have been definitely notified by the school.

5. This notice shall be implemented upon release. All units concerned are requested to strictly implement the notice. Any faculty, employee and unit principal in violation of this notice and relevant regulations stipulated by the state and local government, the school shall pursue the responsibility and deal with the case seriously.


March 22, 2020 


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