Southeast University Concerned Overseas Students by Multiple Effective Approaches

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[Southeast University News Network, March 20] (Correspondent: Jiang Xuehua, Zhang Xiaojian) Recently, in order to ensure the health and safety of overseas students and ensure that they can accomplish their study and scientific researches during this special period, Southeast University adopted multiple effective approaches to concern these overseas students, and guide them to protect themselves and study earnestly overseas.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, the school has mastered a comprehensive understanding of relevant information of government-sponsored students studying abroad, dispatched volunteers, exchange students to overseas universities, Sino-foreign cooperatively-run schools and students engaged in the project, and students who travel abroad for private reasons, and accurately grasped the recent entry of overseas students. They were requested to report their health via the “Daily Health Report System”, epidemiological history of novel coronavirus pneumonia and recent geographic locations overseas, etc.. The school has been maintaining close contact with each overseas student through various channels to master their status quo including study, life, psychological and physical health, inform them of the school’s work arrangements in epidemic prevention and control, publicize knowledge about epidemic prevention and control, educate and guide them to do well in personal protection. For any difficulty and demand as confronted by overseas students, the school replied in time and provided assistance. The school has delivered masks to overseas graduate students who failed to buy masks locally.

It is also known that on March 17 and 19, the School of Electronic Science and Engineering organized a video call to overseas students with the theme of “Connected Affections Despite Long Distance”. The college’s CPC and government leaders, all counselors and representatives of party members, key student representatives and 25 students for exchange abroad attended the meeting. The students introduced the current epidemic prevention measures adopted at local places, their own status quo of study and scientific research, and also difficulties and challenges they faced. In comparison of the epidemic prevention both at home and abroad, they felt proud of the motherland. Everyone expressed that Southeast University has made great contributions in this epidemic prevention, and they deeply felt the pride of SEU. The college leaders, mentor representatives and head teachers expressed their concern about all the students overseas, encouraged them to develop themselves to be the backbone talents of the motherland, and reminded them to actively protect themselves and protect local Chinese mutually at their side, communicate more with the teachers, and properly adjust their study abroad.

Submitted by: CPC Graduate Students Affairs Department, the School of Electronic Science and Engineering

(Editor-in-charge: Tang Tang, reviewed by: Li Xiaonan)


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