Refinancing of construction loans.


Real estate financing fraud

Real estate financing fraud

Real estate financing fraud cases Real estate financing, cancellation of counterfeit signatures by the bank’s adviser. Dear lawyer, Our litigation is multi-layered, but the bottom line is deciding how we should proceed. The current orders are open and void because they did not meet our expectations; they were not discussed with us, were not available to us before the conclusion of the contract or were signed by us.

All the signatures on the documents received afterwards are imitated (six signatures of which we know today). We found the explanation of the current financing model incomprehensible. After this date, we noticed the other false signatures on the supposedly ongoing orders that were sent to us by e-mail.

To quantify our damage, we were commissioned by a lawyer, but he did not see the contract network continuously. It was also very difficult for him to review the allegedly signed agreements. We were looked after by a former BHW employee and another BHW branch. The answer was later postponed, the process would take a little more time. Shortly before Christmas, we urged to answer, but were again postponed in writing.

No effective loan arrangements 

No effective loan arrangements 

Our pending ineffective contract with possibly very invalid conditions will be continued all the time …….. Our questions: We now want to take legal action against and (“first”) require a response with legal assistance. Hardly any lawyer is familiar with the “tricks” of the BHW construction method and was therefore able to judge in a second work step what sums were withheld from us.

Best regards, This answer is from 19.01.2015 and may not be up to date. Ask now your current question and get a legally binding answer from a lawyer. Dear questioner, On the basis of the information provided, I would like to give you a binding answer to your questions: First, the agreements are not entirely inefficient, but no effective loan arrangements have been concluded.

Please note that the leases are not in effect, but that you are ready to conclude new loan agreements. You also inform us that in the event of an amicable settlement, you will waive a complaint to the Swiss Supervisory Authority and will not file a criminal complaint. Please let us know that if no settlement has been reached by then, you will bring the lawsuit to court and not just report it to the Authority and the Attorney General.

In principle, the specialized lawyer can also file a complaint with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and the Attorney General. In answering your question, I hope I have made a clear statement and thank you for the trust placed in me. Dear colleague , We have followed your request, have written the letter and received a negative feedback. Therefore, we appreciate your interest in finding a qualified lawyer in our area.

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