Superconductor Technology – Unstoppable Revolution

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Theme:  Superconductor Technology – Unstoppable Revolution

Speaker: Quan Li

Theme Leader of Applied Supercondcutivty

Head of Superconductivity & Electromagnetics Group

School of engineering,University of Edinburgh, UK


 Dongli Building 316, Sipailou Campus


15:00 p.m, December 7 (Friday)


Superconductivity, discovered in 1911, opened a door for the whole world to an amazing type of novel conductors with unique characteristics including absolutely zero electrical resistance and expulsion of magnetic fields. Over the past 20 years, extraordinary breakthroughs in superconductivity and its applications have been achieved that successfully demonstrate an unstoppable revolution being on its way. This invited lecture covers the basic principles of superconductors as well as their latest applications.

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